Flat Tow Vehicle List

Choosing the Vehicle Suitable For Flat Towing

Flat towing is a method of pulling vehicle behind a motor home. However, not all vehicles are designed and have the capability to tow other vehicles. That is why, it is important to know the flat tow vehicle list in order to know if your vehicle can do flat towing.

Looking for car that is capable of flat towing is quite complicated. This is because the needs for towing vary depending on the distance of travel. However, the necessity can be determined by the driver. Understanding about flat towing is important so that the driver will know if it is needed. Pulling the car behind motor home is a method known as flat towing. When pulling the car using this method the rear wheels are on the ground while the front wheels are not. Although it is convenient to use flat towing but it shows drawbacks such as wearing out of the rear wheels and halting the RV is difficult.

Identifying Vehicles That Can Be Flat Towed

Generally, most cars can be flat towed yet some models would not work better as compared to others. Flat towing is ideal if the car to be towed is close to the ground. This means that vehicles that can be flat towed include smaller cars such as Toyota Corolla and Saturn models. In addition, sport utility vehicles are also included in the list but require more legwork in setting up the tow. If you want to find the list of vehicles that can be flat towed you can refer to the Ford Motor Company as they recommend cars ideal for flat towing or four-wheel down. Likewise, vehicle with manual transmission is more ideal to flat tow as compared to car with automatic transmission. Four-wheel drive cars work best in flat towing.

It is important to refer to your car’s manufacturer manual so that you will know if your car is suitable for flat towing. In like manner, make sure to follow the instructions in setting up the car. Use the necessary equipment to ensure that your car is securely attach to the motor home. Likewise, you must be familiar with the maneuver and control. In case your vehicle has automatic transmission you can ask from the manufacturer if it can be modified.

Aside from that you should observe the necessary precautions in flat towing vehicles. Make sure that the motor home is capable and can handle carrying your car. This is important to ensure the safety of your car. Ensure that your car is securely attached to the motor home so that it will not slip during the trip. Allow the steering wheel to move so that it can easily stop when the needs arise. Look for accessories that you can use in modifying your vehicle. It is worth to invest in the accessories as it guarantees safety.

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