How to Find Out Who Towed Your Car

Finding Out Who Towed Your Car

Car towing is a very common thing that happens these days. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of reasons why this has become a common scenario. For this matter, it will be good if you will know how to find out who towed your car and how to find your towed car. Learning these things will save you from the trouble of a clueless search for your car.

Having you car towed can be a really big nuisance to many drivers. For this reason, it is not only important that you know how to find out who towed your car but how to find it with ease. There are some things that you must know regarding this so that you can find your towed car without any trouble.

Locate Your Car

In case that your car has been towed, you are actually given ten days for you to be able to claim it. The very initial thing that you have to do will be to learn where your car was taken. You should also settle all those fines which were unsettled for you to be given the release form for your vehicle. You must also know the numbers that you can call when locating for your car.

Reasons for Towing Your Car

There are actually a lot of reasons why the authorities tow your car. It could be for the reason that you have parked your car illegally. It might also be that you have outstanding fines that were piled up already to paramount amounts. In case that you have had some parking violations, you can ask online for a hearing. If you want to know more regarding the different parking violations, you can visit the Department of Finance for you to get more data about vehicle towing, parking regulations as well as disputing tickets.

Paying For Your Tickets

The tickets that you have can actually be paid online and you can settle it once and for all. Usually, it is the Sheriff’s Office or City Marshall that is in charge for seized vehicles and this happens when you by now owe $350 or even more. To have more details regarding the towing process, you can visit the Department of Consumer Affairs.

What Else can You Do?

If you cannot find your car, you should call the police in your area right away and ask them if they were the ones who towed your vehicle or not. In case that they were, the police will present you with the details regarding the process of towing and will inform you if some amount needs to be settled. Things will all be settled long before your car can already be redeemed. But in case that your car was not towed by the police, then, there might be big possibility that it was taken by somebody else. If this will be the case, leave the matter to the police and they will be the ones who will investigate as to what really happened n=to your vehicle.

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