How to Install a Tow Package

Tips on How to Install a Tow Package

Before you can achieve your towing tasks, you have to learn first the tips on how to install a tow package. This is a preparatory phase for the task that you will do that if you did not execute, you will not be able to tow any vehicle. The data that you will learn by reading this article will help you a lot.

How to install a tow package is not like the typical times where you migt find this task difficult. As of the moment, the packages that you can obtain in a shop are already easy to mount tow packages. The only difficulty that you may encounter in this matter is selecting for the right tow package that you need.

Orient Trailer Hitch

Initially, you need the trailer hitch to be oriented at the bottom of the vehicle to make sure that there is backward facing of the square hitch coupler. Moreover, you have to identify the mounting holes which will serve as the place where you will install the bolt. The bolts must be fitted in both frames to ensure proper positioning.

Screw Removal

Secondly, you need to lift the trailer opposing the rails of the frame then you have to run the bolts onto the trailer wholes and to the mounting hitch rails of the frame of the vehicle. For you to successfully run the bolts and nuts, you can use socket wrench. This will ensure that the bolts as well as the nuts will be tightly installed in the place where it needs to be fitted. The next thing that you have to do is to remove the tailgating from the driver side by means of opening its tailgate. In doing this, there are things that you should be abided of.

  • You also have to ensure that you will unscrew the screws found at the sides of the tail gate latch.
  • Once you have removed the screws, you have to pull out the taillight housing from the fender.

4 Pin Electrical Connector Installation

Once you are done with the abovementioned step, you have to pin now the electrical connector. This is done by unplugging the taillight's wiring harness. Included in the 4 pin connector harness for wiring, this is installed between the taillight black plug and wiring harness of the vehicle. See to it that you will plug the end of the pin into the tailgate harness and you have to plug the end of the wiring harness of the truck to the wiring harness 4 pin connector.

Routing 4 Pin Connector

Lastly, you need the four pin connector routed onto the whole where the taillight is installed. This is usually found opening close to the bumper. You have to pull down the cable then you have to mount again the taillight. With the aid of plastic tape, you have to secure the connector wire at the hitch of the trailer. However, see to it that there will be extra wire intended for trailer hitch reaching.

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