How to Tow a Car with Another Car

How to Tow a Car with Another Car Safely

How to tow with another car can be dangerous sometimes. There are some instances that incidents may happen because of the wrong execution of this kind of task. But still, there are some ways for you to do this without gambling your safety. The information regarding this matter will be learned when you read this article.

The safety when doing something is the utmost priority that should not be overlooked. Like on how to tow a car with another car, you have to make sure that you are doing the right task needed without sacrificing your safety. With this, you have to learn some of the information to do it.

Use Tow or Chain Straps

In order to safely tow a car with another car, see to it that you have with you some tow or chain straps. With the use of this, you will not be put into danger as well as there is nothing to be scared about. There are some rules and regulations in some states in U.S that is concerned with this matter. So, when you are planning to use such tools, see to it that you are first aware of the rules. Examples of these are:

  • Utilizing colored flags
  • Ensuring right distance from the car to be towed to the car that will tow
  • Driving caution

Use of Tow Bar

The use of tow bar is also advised for you. This will also promote your safety when you are towing a car using another car. There are already tow bars available that are offered for rent. Of all the types of tow bar, the one shaped with letter "A" is the best for you. But when you will use this, you have to use safety chains in between the two vehicles.

Tow Dolly

Another remarkable way for you to safely tow a car with the use of another car is by means of utilizing tow dolly. This is like a minute version of trailers. When you use this kind, the car that you are going to tow will be lifted from the ground. However, only the front tires will be lifted. But there is still a rule that you have to bear in mind when you will use this. Example of this is to use a bigger vehicle in towing a smaller car. Of all the methods for you to tow a car, this is considered as the safest one. When you are turning using this method, it is always advised to slow down to avoid further problems. The burden when using tow dollies will never be felt because this tool is lightweight.

Car Carrier

Lastly, you can use a car carrier or trailer when you are planning to tow a car with another car. Along with tow dolly, this is also among the safest option for you. Basing from its name, this makes use of a device that will lift the car and place it on a flat surface. But still, you have to make use of larger cars in order to carry the overall weight of the towed vehicle. 

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