How to Tow a Car with another Car

Tips to Tow a Car with another Car Safely

If we accidentally encounter problem in our car and the engine is no longer functioning, the only way to move it into a more secure place where it can be repaired is by towing it. However, if the towing company is situated in far place from where you are, you can still safely tow your car using another car.

Choosing the Car that will tow your Car

If you are going to ask another person to tow your car choose a car that is bigger than yours. This is important in order for your car be transferred easily in an auto repair shop. However, in case your car is already huge and you can’t find an available car that is bigger than your car, perhaps you can still try it with other type of car provided that you are using a link that will connect each other tightly.

The Device that will connect the Cars

Usually when transferring a car the most convenient to use is a tow bar. It is described as an “A” shaped tool that is being placed in front of the car and when the chains are safely attached, the towing process will commence. Aside from this device, you can also use a chain and tow straps, which can also be effective. You must always have these in you car, so that when you encounter problem you don’t have to look far for something that will link the cars. The tow dolly can also be a great tool to use in towing a car, it is commonly use when towing a care because it is effective to use. The only problem using this device is that you can’t conveniently bring it anywhere because of its large size.

What to do before Towing a Car

Once you have chosen the type car that is going to be used in towing your car and the device that will link both cars, the next thing that you should do is to check the safety of both cars. Start checking on the link, see if it tightly linked to each other. The distance between these two cars should not be too close or too far. Maintain a distance that when you step on the break it won’t crushed to the car. Do not allow anyone to stay inside the car that is going to be towed because this prohibited. Also, the car should be placed in neutral, so that it would be easy to maneuver it.

Towing the Car

When towing the car, the speed that you should maintain is not more than 45 mph. If you will exceed to this limit it will be dangerous because it might result into accidents. Also, never allow an individual to stay inside the car that is being towed, this is illegal. Thus, it is necessary to put an extra care when towing a car using another car.

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