How to Tow a Motorcycle

Tips on Towing a Motorcycle

Learning ways on how to tow a motorcycle can be beneficial for you. This is important especially if your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of the road. A towing vehicle can help you transport your motorcycle successfully. Otherwise, you may need to rent a towing truck to transport your motorcycle to the nearest vehicle repair shop.

  • The Importance of Towing a Motorcycle

    Towing a motorcycle is very important especially if you are stuck in the middle of the highway. A towing trailer can offer you great help, wherein you may not need the assistance of towing company.

  • Ways on How to Tow Motorcycle

    The first thing to do is to read and understand your vehicle owner manual and look for specification for capacity for towing. As you know, motorcycles are not light equipment and may exceed on the towing capacity of a particular vehicles. So it is important to know if your vehicle can able to support it before you attached the motorcycle trailer. In the event that your automotive is a compact car, the towing capacity can be 1,000 or 1,500 lbs or SUV’s and truck can be 5,000 lbs. If you already know that your vehicle can handle your motorcycle, the next thing to do is to attach the motorcycle trailer. This can be done by the help of user guide of your vehicle, which included the arms and ramp. Slide main unit over the trailer hitch and secure it with a lock pin. Lastly, connect the ramp on the bottom of the main unit.

    The motorcycle must be set into neutral. Move the front wheel of the motorcycle into the motorcycle trailer ramp. The motorcycle should be secured on the trailer, which depends on the trailer’s model that you are using. In addition, you may also be provided heavy duty ratchet arms or straps from trailer or both. These tools can be ideal to steady your motorcycle in a secured position. In order to avoid your motorcycle from rolling backward after it is already secured into the trailer is to put it on gear. The clutch-retaining strap must be installed over the clutch of the motorcycle. This is an effective way to avoid your motorcycle from slipping, while it is being towed. Finally, take a short drive into your vehicle when you are towing your motorcycle. Park your towing vehicle and inspect the securing equipment in your motorcycle. If it tends to lose you may need to adjust it.

  • Other Concerns

    In order to make sure that your trailer works effectively and correctly is to grease all the wheel bearing for every 6 months and before you start the engine for longer journey. In addition, some states usually regulate vehicle trailer equipment, which may need your vehicle to be inspected regularly. Consult your city or state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for some information like licensing and registering a motorcycle trailer.

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