How to Tow for AAA

Guide to Tow for AAA

AAA, which is normally pronounced as “triple A”, stands for American Automobile Association. This is a federation composed of 51 numbers of motor clubs which are independently operated throughout the entire North America. It generally provides services on all its members; such services include travel, insurance, automotive, financial, as well as discounts.

  • AAA’s Specific Services

  • The club of AAA employs different specialists on towing the cars of its members when it breakdown. More specifically, it provides its members car insurance, car breakdowns, and any other services that are auto-related. But it is towing which is the most common out of all the services that it offers its member. Normally, when one of the AAA’s member’s cars got broken, the technician from the club will be towing them to the mechanic.

  • Steps On How To Tow For AAA

  • If you are going to tow for AAA, you are going to acquire first of a ‘Tow Truck Driver Certificate’. In order for you to do this, you are going to visit the DMV of your state and get a license of commercial driver. This will permit you on driving larger trucks. You can also opt to take the CDL test by undergoing training first in driving schools. Once you have done so, you can now apply for the driver certificate that you need. Moreover, you are also going to take a test on tow truck driving. This test is generally a demonstration wherein the applicant will perform towing operations while being observed.

After passing the test, make your resume. In writing you resume, make sure to include all of your relevant experiences concerning customer service as well as those related to automotive service fields. This is because the AAA club will surely examine if you are qualified and technically competent on towing for them. They will also look at your customer service skills because they are looking for those that can handle stressful situations during the towing process. In addition to this, you must also include all of the licenses that you have that pertains to automotive fields as well as other related certifications.

Once you are done with your resume and after reviewing it until you are satisfied, search the home page of the AAA in the internet. Upon arriving at the home page, scroll down until you have reached the bottom, and select the “Careers” link. On the page of the Career Center, click on “Search our Jobs” and put in the keyword “tow”. At the bottom of the page is the tab indicating “Submit Your Resume to this Job”. Click it in order to pass your resume. Then, the next thing for you to do is to prepare for the interview. Be sure to be properly attired and presentable during the interview. Never forget to smile. 


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Name: Ronald Page Jr

Hi my name is Ronald Page Jr and i towed for AAA for along time i worked for Joe's towing in north brunswick and it look like he dont want to do AAA no more because its getting slow in north brunswick but i'm trying to start my own towing business and i would love to tow for all but i live in beverly nj 08010 how can i become a AAA provider please email me back so i can take the step that I need to take. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS

Name: Andrew Hollenbeck

i work for R&C Auto Repair in forestburgh ny 12777 and we have a towing business called Rapid towing n recovery and we would like to know the steps we would have to take to be able to tow for AAA please feel free to contact via email thank you

Name: bruce haynes

iown B&H auto repair i have a towing business called B&H towing

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