Towing Cost Per Mile

Cost of Towing Per Mile

There are many companies that offer towing whether you have a light, heavy, or super heavy vehicles. You can request for towing anytime and anywhere. If this is the case, you would want to know the cost of towing per mile right? We can guide you in finding answers to this question.

A lot of people nowadays have roadside assistance services. But even if you are already covered in vehicle towing, you need to know the cost of towing for every mile to check if you’re being billed correctly and to ensure that you don’t overspend on this service.

Consumer Towing Cost Per Mile

The purpose of calculating your towing cost per mile is to assist you in verifying if you are being charged with the correct rate. Here are a few programs you can consider:

  • AAA – this has a coverage that can follow you wherever you are yet you only pay once a year. The fee starts at $51 and you’re automatically covered for 3 towed miles.
  • Liberty Mutual – for only $50, this company can cover you no matter how far you want to be fetched. So even if they have to drive more than 20 miles in order to get you, there should be no extra cost.
  • Cell Phones – if you buy a new cell phone, some companies would cover your roadside assistance as well. For Sprint customers as an example, you can be covered for 3 towing miles as long as you remain in their plan.
  • OnStar/GM/Ford/Chrysler Roadside – these companies offer free assistance for a few months or even for a year when you buy their vehicle.
  • USAA – if you have auto insurance covered by this company, you would only pay $1 per month for any type of towing service.

Business Towing Cost Per Mile

For those people operating a tow business, you also need to calculate the towing cost per mile to determine which jobs you should accept. If you have multiple trucks, you need to compute for the cost and income of each one. Definitely, you would need to separate the mileage and expense records for each truck.

Remember that the income generated from each asset should be more than the cost of producing it. Therefore, if you will subtract the direct cost from the income of your truck, you would now understand the cost per mile that you should charge your customer.

You can calculate the cost daily, monthly, or annually. The cost types you need to track include driver’s worker’s compensation, damage to customer vehicle, accidental loss of vehicle, liability, and other type of insurance. In addition, you need to add on the cost of truck, possible financing costs, public utility commission, and direct contact costs such as cell phone, 2-way radios, or pagers.

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