Towing Tips

You can ensure safe towing of vehicles if you learn about the right way to do so. First of all, you need to learn basic terms on towing and the hitches to use appropriately. Most important is to understand the parts of a tow truck and the weights you should use.

Before moving the towed vehicle, you need to check if there is full transmission fluid level and the parking brake is released. Aside from this, there are many things to look out for and a lot of handling problems to avoid as well. We can share with you various towing tips including several ways to tow different kinds of vehicles, recommended amount of power to use, checklist before moving the towed vehicles, and preventing damage at all levels.

How To Operate A Flatbed Tow Truck

It is easy for certified operators of a flatbed tow truck to know the step-by-step operation of the machine. But there are reasons as well that will want you to know about these steps. That is what this topic about how to operate a flatbed tow truck tells.

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How to Get Tow Truck Certified

Tow truck drivers provide roadside help and transport cars that have been broken down due to a number of reasons such as road accidents or malfunctioning engine. If you want to be a driver of a tow truck, you need to be certified.

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How to Get Towing Endorsement

How to get a towing endorsement requires you to follow a course completion that involves a written exam to demonstrate your knowledge in towing, proper use of equipment and implementation of safety practices and procedures. After you have passed the exam, you will go through a driving test to show your skills in driving a commercial vessel.

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How to Drive a Tow Truck

Tow truck drivers must be trained to drive special trucks used to move other cars or vehicles. Cars are towed for various reasons - vehicles may have been abandoned, broken down, damaged in accident or impounded by the police. To be a tow truck driver, you need to have a proper training to acquire the skills need to drive a huge truck. Even if you’re already a certified tow truck driver, you need to go through consistent training in order to be a better driver.

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How to Operate a Rollback Tow Truck

There are several requirements for one to be hired as a driver of a rollback tow truck. It is necessary to be obtained first along with the skill to be efficient in operating the equipment. These two are vital to be met to ensure both your safety and the objects to be towed.

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How to Value a Tow Truck

Valuing tow trucks are a must for they help people in so many ways, not only to rescue their cars, but also to teach most men with good values which include being responsible and having self-discipline. So, you see, tow trucks are not only used for people to commute easily, but also to teach them to become a better citizen of the country. Indeed, all things have its positive sides and all you have to do is not to focus on one, but on its two faces.

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How to Stop Tow Truck from Towing Your Car

A car is one of the prized possessions a person can have. One cannot have it in just a blink of an eye for it takes a lot of effort and money to own a car. So, when you already have it, it is just, but natural to treasure it dearly and give it value.

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How to Chain Tow a Car, Be a Hero!

Have you ever experienced having a car that collapsed in the middle of the road and unfortunately, you are inexperienced and alone? So, what you have to do is to leave it there and look for someone to save you. Then, when you came back after an hour or the following day to get it, all that you have seen is the mark that the wheel has left because your car was already stolen?

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How to Call for a Tow in Rage

All these things are done with care and responsibility. Make sure that you know these steps for you not to be left behind. Be informed, have knowledge. When your car have met an accident or collapsed in the middle of the road, what do you often do? Do you panic and leave your car? Or, do you take things easy and look for ways to save and mend your vehicle? It is just right to do the latter. But how can you carry your car to a place where it could be fixed? You don’t have any super power to carry it alone, so you will need the help of a tow truck. This article will help you be knowledgeable enough about how to call for a tow in Rage.

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How to Get Towing Paint off from Car

Your car is windshield tends to accumulate almost everything that comes into contact with your vehicle. But, tow paint is one of the things that won’t easily come off your car glass with the use of soap and water. No matter how stubborn tow paint is, there are several things that you can do to lift it from your car glass and make it look like it was never painted by a police officer.

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