Van Towing Capacity

Finding Out Van Towing Capacity

If you want to tow a trailer or camper for business or recreation, you will need a towing vehicle. Just in case you prefer a van, you have to check its towing capacity. You can calculate it as well but the best is to check with the manufacturer.

Do you own a van? If you do, you will need to find out the towing capacity; that is, if you want to tow a trailer or camper. Each vehicle will always come with a manual and this is where you can find information from the manufacturer. You have to look into the towing capacity of the van and this will vary depending on the model of the van.

  • The General Formula

    Generally, the weight of the towed vehicle shouldn’t exceed 85% of the vehicle’s kerb weight. If you are unsure, the vehicle manufacturer’s information is the best source of information.

    You also must consider the weight of the camper that you’re going to tow. If you have a Chrysler minivan, you should check the owner’s manual or you can call the dealer where you bought the van. The same is true if you have a 92 Ford clubwagon 4.9 6 cyl automatic. Before you tow a vehicle, you should find out the towing capacity prior to towing. By doing so, you can avoid potential road accidents.

    Whether you want a van that is 3,000 kg in weight or even lighter, you can easily find out the towing capacity. If towing is part of owning a minivan, you will have to get one that is heavy enough to meet the towing needs. The towing capacity is not the same and it would really help if you know what you’re going to tow and its weight. With a budget of $4,000 to $5,000, you might be able to find a minivan that can meet your needs.

  • Calculations that You Can Do at Home

    Calculation of the towing capacity is easy. Determine the kerb weight of the vehicle and multiply it by 85%. This will give you the maximum weight that the van can tow. Make sure that the weight of the towed trailer or camper doesn’t exceed the said figure.

For those who want to compromise their safety on the road, it would really help if you shop around. The internet is full of valuable information. Before you purchase a van, you can compare the towing capacity just in case you have towing needs. Wise shoppers will always want to make sure that they find the best deal.

Not everyone tows campers or trailers. Towing is usually important for those with trailers or campers, regardless if you’re using for business or recreation. Determine your needs and budget. From there, you can look around. Make a habit to check the towing capacity as set by the manufacturer. That way, you can avoid future problems.

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